"Erik Jorgensen, or DJ EJ as he’s affectionately known, is one of the best in the business as a sports DJ. He also is really a true asset for any entertainment or sporting event looking for somebody that can handle any situation that comes up. His professionalism and positive attitude are really what makes him shine on any given event day. You just can’t find a better person to help make your event the best it can be."

- Matt Coy, Fmr. Director of Gameday Production - Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Padres

"DJEJ has truly been a valuable member of our team.  His knowledge of the game, the sport, the music, and the fans has made him a valuable contributor from the control boot to the field. Home field advantage is paramount in the NFL, and DJEJ ignites and excites the crowd. If he could fit in our shorts and boots, I’d call him a cheerleader! The knowledge and strategy that DJEJ brings to the sport is paramount and can affect a win or lose environment."

- Kelli Finglass, Director - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

DJ EJ has helped transform the game atmosphere here at TCU with his presence at Football, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball. His pulse of the game and the audience is spot on and his timing is perfection.  Music plays a huge role in game atmosphere for college athletics and we’re happy that we have EJ to help enhance the TCU fan experience.”

-Julie Austin, Asst. Athletic Director, Marketing - TCU Athletics

“In-game music at sporting events can make or break any situation and plays a vital role for fan engagement and entertainment. DJ EJ has worked with TCU Athletics across multiple sports and has a music library that is full of songs, beats and stingers that can be appropriate for any situation. Most importantly, having the talent and knack to know when to play certain songs is what elevates the in-game to the highest level.”

- Jackie Torda, TCU Athletics

“In my professional opinion, DJ EJ is the best sports DJ I’ve ever worked with.  He has an incredible knack for picking the exact song to get a crowd excited, or continue a celebration.  His experience and knowledge of the operations of a professional sporting event are second to none.”

-Charlie Hildbold, President - Texas Revolution

“DJ EJ has become a HUGE part of our game day experience for football and basketball.  He’s taken the energy in the stadium to a new level and is a huge hit with the players themselves.  As a director it’s great to know he is on top of the music and will always have the right selection cued up whenever it’s needed."

- Trae Roberts, Fmr. Director of Athletics Gameday Production - SMU Athletics

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